Weight Management for Pets

Effective techniques to get your loyal companion to their ideal weight.

Being overweight is no fun for your loyal companion. The extra body weight limits them and affects their health. Here at Ambleside Animal Hospital, we can work with you to get your loyal companion to their ideal weight. As adorable as they look, their chunkiness can reduce their lifespan.

What health issues are associated with being overweight?

When a cat or dog is overweight or obese, they have a high chance of developing certain illnesses. With the excess weight your loyal companion may develop the following:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Cancer
  3. Diabetes
  4. Heart problems
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Urinary bladder disease

What can be done to control my dog or cat’s weight?

An effective weight loss plan will change your loyal companion’s routine, lifestyle and diet for a longtime. The goal is to lose the weight in a healthy way and ensure that they stay within a healthy weight range for the rest of their life. Here are some options that your veterinarian will recommend:

  • Replacing unhealthy treats 
  • Encourage your dog or cat to be more active throughout the day
  • Schedule meal times so they only eat exactly what they need
  • Limit their daily treats
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