Veterinary Exam

Regular examinations performed by a veterinarian to identify unknown health risks in pets.

Whether your loyal companion is young, old, healthy or sick they need to have routine veterinary exams. With these visits, we can address any underlying health problems and adjust their health care plan.

How often should my cat or dog have a veterinary exam?

The minimum requirement is at least once per year. Cats and dogs of certain ages and health status will need more frequent yearly visits. Senior pets may need bi-annual veterinary exams and puppies and kittens need three. Patients with known health issues such as diabetes, kidney issues etc. are required to visit their veterinarian more than once each year.

What happens during a veterinary exam?

A veterinary exam is just like a doctor’s checkup. It begins with a full-body examination, checking the ears, eyes, skin/fur, abdomen, teeth, paws and listening to the lungs and heart. The veterinarian is looking for any abnormalities which could be linked to a medical issue. We will also ask questions about their diet, behaviours and activity level which helps make better conclusions about their wellbeing. If the physical examination reveals a problem, further testing will be performed. Otherwise, the veterinarian will discuss preventative care including vaccination, deworming, microchipping, nutrition and more.

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