Vet Referrals

Ensuring that our patients get excellent care and services through our network of specialists.

Ambleside Animal Hospital aims to provide the highest quality treatment for any health issues your furry friend may encounter, however sometimes we may have to refer you out to a different clinic. We proudly offer routine and advanced procedures on-site with the help of expert veterinarians, but more specialized procedures and treatment may require us to collaborate with other clinics and facilities to ensure your pet gets the highest quality of care.

What can I expect if my pet needs to be referred?

If during an examination with us the doctor determines that your pet will need more care/facilities than we are able to offer, we will discuss a referral. We may refer your pet to specialists regarding neurology, internal medicine, oncology, aquatic rehabilitation, behavioral therapy, overnight or long-term care, and more. Our doctors and staff will discuss what sort of referral, a rough time frame, and provide information about what to expect for next steps. Our staff will ensure that your pet's medical records are sent over to the appropriate specialist in order to guarantee that the only thing you need to think about is your loyal companion! 

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