Surgical Services for Pets

We provide routine and complex surgeries, where your pet gets the best care.

Learning that your loyal companion needs surgery will bring a lot of questions to your mind. That is where our team steps in to make sure you have all the information and that your cherished cat or dog is given quality care during procedures. At our hospital, we dedicate time to discuss in detail all procedures to our clients. From start to finish, we will be there to support you and your loyal companion.

How is my loyal companion cared for during surgery?

It’s natural to wonder about your loyal companion’s well-being when they have an upcoming procedure. There is always a risk to any procedure which is why our team has different checks in place to prevent problems. One of the first steps we take to eliminate potential risk is to perform preanesthetic testing. This is usually some blood work and possibly some imaging diagnostics. This test will determine if your cat or dog is a good candidate for surgery. 

The surgery will be performed by a veterinarian with years of experience and the patient’s vitals will be monitored by a dedicated technician. We use the latest technology, a Bionet vitals monitor, to track the patient’s heart rate, body temperature, oxygen saturation and blood pressure. Following these protocols, we’ve managed to have many successful surgeries where cats and dogs go on to a full recovery.

What types of surgeries are offered at your hospital?

We offer routine and complex procedures at our hospital, some of these surgeries can also be performed using a laparoscopic method which makes recovery faster. We regularly perform:

  • Dental surgery
  • Removal of masses or lumps
  • Foreign object removal
  • Spay and neuter surgery
  • Locum specialists for orthopedic surgeries and endoscopy

What is recovery like for my cat or dog?

After surgery your loyal companion will be monitored until the anesthesia wears off, then you will be given medications and instructions on how to care for them. Most soft tissue surgeries heal between 2 to 3 weeks. The first two hours, your cat or dog will appear drowsy. Then within a day or two they should be back to normal. To keep your loyal companion comfortable, give them their medication on time, keep the incision dry and clean and allow them to rest. Our team will provide more detailed post-op instructions.

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