Bloodwork Services

An important diagnostic tool that provides significant information about your pet’s health.

Bloodwork is regularly used in veterinary medicine for various reasons. You might find that during some of your loyal companion’s vet visits, blood work is required. Without understanding what is happening with your cat or dog’s internal system, we can’t know for sure that they are healthy. Our team is properly trained to quickly withdraw blood while ensuring your cat or dog is comfortable. For scheduled bloodwork, we will provide preparation instructions to ensure everything goes smoothly.

How can bloodwork diagnose my cat or dog?

A biochemical profile is a blood test that assesses the function of internal organs, measures the electrolytes such as blood potassium, and identifies the levels of circulating enzymes. Understanding the biochemical profile can be difficult but reveals a wealth of information. A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to measure and evaluate cells that circulate in the blood. The test includes an actual counting of red and white blood cells as well as an analysis of cells viewed on a blood smear. A CBC may be useful as a screening test for underlying infection, anemia and illness.

What are other reasons why my cat or dog would need blood work?

  1. To learn their baseline health information. When your loyal companion is healthy it’s important to record their normal blood levels. In the future if this information changes, we can further investigate what has happened.
  2. To determine if they are healthy enough for surgery. Blood work can tell the state of vital organs that will metabolize anesthesia during surgery. This can help prevent any complications during their operation.
  3. Your cat or dog is starting a new medication. Knowing the blood chemistry will reveal how the new medication will interact with their body.

How long does it take to get blood work results?

We use the IDEXX Catalyst and Procyte blood analyzers in-house and can have results for your pet in as little as 30 minutes if necessary. Having an on-site laboratory means that we can diagnose patients faster and run a pre-anesthetic screen the morning of surgery. Certain lab tests may take a bit longer as they have to be sent out to an external lab. Our team members will be able to give you a rough timeline of when we can expect the results to be back. Rest assured that as soon as we have your pet's lab results back, one of our doctors will reach out to relay the results.

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