Laparoscopic Spays

A minimally invasive spay alternative with less pain, faster recovery, and fewer complications.

Show your dog some extra love with a LOVE spay! LOVE is short for laparoscopic ovariectomy, otherwise known as a laparoscopic spay or a lap spay. Dr. Booth and the doctors of Ambleside Animal Hospital have performed over 600 lap spays since 2016. Many of our canine LOVE spay patients have traveled with their owners from all over the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan for their surgery. Some Vancouver Island dogs and pet parents have even trekked across the ocean for laparoscopy! This is because Ambleside Animal Hospital is one of a handful of veterinary hospitals in British Columbia that offers laparoscopic spays, and Dr. Booth has built a reputation for excellence in this specific surgical technique. Read on to learn more about this unique and beneficial procedure, and why it is aptly known as a LOVE spay. 

What is Laparoscopy? 

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery. It is a remarkable way to perform surgery in the abdomen using only two small incisions (5 mm for the camera and 10 mm for the instruments). Using one of these 2 entry points, a camera is inserted into the abdomen and the internal structures are magnified in HD. The inside of the body is essentially displayed on a big flat screen TV for the surgeon - which is very cool or a little gross, depending how squeamish you are! Either way, this allows the surgeon, who is thankfully not squeamish, a crisp view to thoroughly examine the area to be operated on. The second opening allows surgical instruments to enter the abdomen and perform tasks - such as removing a dog’s ovaries.


Why choose a Laparoscopic Spay for my dog?

At Ambleside we only perform laparoscopic spays on canine patients who are 14 kg and over. But if you are the proud parent of anything from a Small Munsterlander to a Great Pyrenees, laparoscopy could be the best choice for your dog and the rest of her family. Many pet owners worry about anesthesia and post-operative recovery - with laparoscopic surgery, the risks are significantly reduced. 

In a laparoscopic ovariectomy (LOVE spay), only the ovaries are removed. Recent studies have shown the use of laparoscopy to be less traumatic and less painful to traditional procedures. With a LOVE spay, we get the same long-term health benefits of a traditional spay - no pyometra, plus a lower risk of cancer due to a lower presence of female hormones, thanks to the laparoscopically removed ovaries. And in the short-term, your dog will undergo a less invasive surgery than a traditional spay with a speedier recovery and less medication. Like any other procedure, our team will perform pre-anesthetic testing and use monitoring equipment throughout the surgery. 

If your dog is an Ambleside patient, your doctor here may have mentioned a laparoscopic spay as an option for her. Does your dog already have a regular family vet? We routinely accept referrals for lap spays from all over the province! We will send a copy of our medical records back to your veterinarian after the procedure. We will just want to meet you both prior to the surgery date for a checkup and doctor consultation. Phone, text or email us if you have any questions or would like to book your pup in for a LOVE spay - a kind, easy, loving option. You can count on Ambleside Animal Hospital to ensure your loyal companion is given exceptional care, so they can get back to their normal routine and best friend duties faster.


"Laparoscopic surgery at Ambleside Animal Hospital was a game-changer for Rosie. Minimal scarring, quick recovery - she was back on her paws faster than our retriever’s traditional surgery." Janet, Irish Setter Parent


"Laparoscopic Surgery at Ambleside Animal Hospital is worth braving the Lionsgate for!" Kate, fan of dogs/detester of traffic


"The hardest part about my dog’s LOVE spay was keeping her calm enough to get the rest she needed afterwards! She was back to her bouncy self and troublemaking ways in no time flat." Drew, Vancouver Resident


"All my girlfriends at the dog park were sooo jealous." Juno, dog/lap spay recipient